Positive affirmations I write on my journal šŸŒ±

It is not easy to be an artist

It takes a lot of effort to nurture creativity and keep pursuing being an artist. Whenever I find myself having a difficult time, I sit down and write my affirmations.
For the past few months, I have been writing my affirmations in thisĀ journal that I made called dreams notebook. I keep track of my goals and dreams in this notebook. But one of the most important practices I do is to write my affirmations.

dreams journal

Write with compassion and love.

It is okay to be lost and scared. Write down your fears. It is smaller than you think. Rewrite your fearsĀ this time and change it to affirmations. My fear is thinking "no one will publish my book" cross it out and change it to "I will be published and I will be an award winning children's book illustrator. I will change and inspire the world with this book" And repeat.
Currently, my dreams notebook is filled with manifestation and affirmations.
Writing affirmations is simple and fun. You can write creatively as if already happened. If you never wrote an affirmation here is an example of mine.


My super not private affirmationsĀ 

  • I am an artist. I make something from blank paper and I am unlimited.
  • I feel super happy when I paint I am in love with watercolor. I am so glad I found this medium and I have been making money from this. I am going to be very successful with watercolor.
  • I don't care what other people think about my work what matters is that I make honest work and I enjoy making them.
  • One day, I will have a very big exhibition in my life and that will be so full of joy and happiness.
  • I amĀ so afraid of what is going to happen with my life but accepting fear is one of the first steps. I am more afraid of what will happen to me if I stop painting.
  • I believe my role as an artist is to inspire people I believe that inspiration goes a long way it is easy to motivate people but inspiring them I think is really meaningful.Ā 
  • I have a very special story to tell. And I am very unique. And I think the world needs to hear it. I don't know why but I feel very strongly about it.
  • I am going to share with the world what I make and they will fall in love with me. I am unlimited and no one can stop me. Only I will stop painting one day and I am my biggest enemy.
  • I won't put myself in a labeled box. Like, am I a graphic designer? or illustrator? or an artist? I am going to stopĀ being insecure because I am going to stop comparing myself with other people. It is never too late to do anything. Everyone has their own path and I am so happy to be finding my own.
  • I am going to trust my vision and my dreams I am going to trust things that I see and things that I don't see.
  • I will continue to change and grow. when I find myself doing the same thing and getting bored I will try new things.
  • I think I will fail many many times like so many times and it is important that I keep believing myself and keep painting I think that is the only way that will heal me and the only way to recover something from traumatic art really makes me happy and I will continue to paint.

Check in with me couple years later and let's see how I feel about these :) šŸ§”Ā 

Start with small simple words

Start writing your affirmations on this dream journal I have on my shop! I made it to protect dreams and reminder to never forgetting them.

Read how I started my stationery business here. It is one of my affirmation and dream. Thanks for reading! šŸ¦‹Ā 

Haejin ParkĀ isĀ an award winning illustratorĀ living in USA. She sells stationery and art prints onĀ haejinduck.Ā @haejinduck

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