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  • Hey, who is Haejin?¬†I am a watercolor illustrator from South Korea. I graduated from RISD in 2015. I illustrate for clients; The New York Times, Cartoon Network, BuzzFeed, and WeTransfer.
  • What does Haejinduck mean? Haejinduck is born from Haejin‚Äôs long time teenage nickname, a duck. It has been our core value - create cute, bright, and cozy products for everyone.¬†
  • How¬†did you start your shop?¬†I¬†started out from making a lot of zines and cards to sell at book fairs. I wanted my products to be more accessible and shared more than just few days.¬†
  • What inspires you?¬†Nature and traveling around.¬†
  • What materials do you use?¬†I use watercolor with a dry palette method.
  • What are some goals and ambitions you have for your future work?¬†I have a lot of goals and dreams. I would love to open a retail shop, that would be a dream. I also want to work on children‚Äôs books and have time to focus and write a manuscript. I also want to work on some large scale projects such as murals or huge installations.
  • Where else can I find you?¬†You can check my portfolio www.haejinpark.com¬†and my Instagram @haejinduck¬†YouTube¬†


  • What is Commissions?¬†You will be able to work with me directly for your personal projects. Such as¬†your own portrait, pet, and other important objects.¬†
  • What is the process?¬†You can check commissions page for more info.
  • How can I contact for commissions?¬†You can¬†contact me at haejinduck@gmail.com
  • I am an art director. How can I hire you for illustration project?¬†You can check my portfolio www.haejinpark.com¬† You can¬†contact¬†me at haejinart@gmail.com


  • Do you accept wholesale?¬†Yes, I do please contact haejinduck@gmail.com for your inquiry.


Shipping & Return

We always ship within a week and offer customer service. We build a long trusting relationship with our customers. We are always looking forward to connect with you. 

  • What is the return policy?¬†I offer a 30-day refund.¬†
  • What are the shipping options?¬†I ship using USPS and I only offer regular shipping options.¬†
  • When will I receive my order?¬†I process our orders within 7 days. I send the shipping notification via email or text and you will get the tracking number.
  • What do I do if I never received my order?¬†Please contact Haejin at haejinduck@gmail.com
  • What do I do if I received a defective order?¬†Please contact Haejin at haejinduck@gmail.com
  • How do I make changes to an order I‚Äôve already placed?¬†Please contact within 24 hours after your order to get a refund or exchange.
  • How is the product made? Where do the materials come from?¬†I design my products hand-painted with watercolor and scanned into a digital file.
  • How do I contact your company if my question isn‚Äôt answered here?¬†Please Contact: haejinduck@gmail.com