Starting my stationery store 💫

Following my dream 💫

Starting 2021, I am finally doing what I always wanted to do. I launched my stationery line~!

My inspirations for a stationery store.

I grew up in South Korea until I moved to the States in 2007. Korea had a very active stationery scene. I could get cute notebooks and my school year was full of colors. 

This is the dreamland diary that I had made by Monopoly. Every page is unique and different! I kept this journal as a reference to my dreams.

The first line of stationery that I launched in 2021


I launched 2 notebooks as a main product. A regular haejinduck notes and dreams notebook. So far, dreams notebook have been very popular. I put a lot of heart and energy into making these notebooks ❤️


I launched 2 notepads. Weekly planner and daily to-do lists. They are actually also doing pretty well! I didn't really get to promote these as I launched them at the end of January. But people seem to like it a lot year long. 


I also made 2 stickers that could go along with the notebooks. 


The benefit of slowing down

I always had a passion for paper and journaling but sometime in my 20s, I stopped writing. Maybe because I was so busy in school or working in the city. I truly didn't have time to slow down and write my days. 😢 Until I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I wrote more about how this book changed me in this blog post.
By journaling every day, I unlocked a lot of my hidden dreams. One of them was to start a stationery line.
View my product in a video and learn more 💜 

Also part of my dream of being an youtuber started by journaling. I am not blogging and have made over 10 videos on YouTube

Planning my dream every day

I write my shop goals and plans in my notebook. It still has a long way to go but I know that I am so proud and happy with my journey. I did my first PR interview with The Paper Nerd. And I started getting few wholesale orders. 
I never ran a business like this and I am not sure how to make it work. I know tho if I never give up and keep writing and visualizing, it will become possible.
My goal for next few years is to let people know about my stationery business and promote on social media. I want to participate in big stationery fairs so I can meet bigger wholesalers. Anyways my stationery journey is still continuing and I am always dreaming big 🧡

Haejin Park is an award winning illustrator living in USA. She sells stationery and art prints on haejinduck. @haejinduck

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