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It's okay to not be inspired all the time

And it is okay to not make anything, not paint, and not feel motivated. Motivating yourself to draw from a blank page. Creating something from nothing ... is pretty hard! I seem pretty productive on social media but behind the screen, I am always burnt out and don't know what is next.

Simple self-care tips

I want to talk about small simple self-care practices I do. These can be added into your daily life and can make you inspired to paint again.
And I divided my inspiration source into three simple categories.
1. Outside world
2. My world
3. Random world.
With self-care, you’ll feel happier, inspired, and be painting again.

1. Outside world 🛤

Time with nature makes me so happy
I get really inspired by the seasons and change.
Seeing the flowers pop out... and trees changing colors. It's insane like how it change green to red a complete opposite color. It is kind of crazy. Like this post, I made this flower print inspired by nature.

Researching other artists.
I like spending my night on youtube and on my phone because I can't go outside. So my inspiration source is limitedRecently I watched a documentary about Yayoi Kusama. I like watching so many videos of her, but I never watched an hour-long documentary, and it was really inspiring she's one of my favorite artists.

2. My world 🌠

There is a powerful source that comes within me. I think it is part of being true to myself and loving myself. And here are very simple self-care things I do!


Eat well - Keeping a good studio snack pantry :)

Exercise - I really do not exercise enough to me exercising is not fun... so I don't do it that much! But i love dancing and I got back into doing some ballet workouts 💫

Journal - I am a big fan of journaling and that has been helping me so much. I have been writing everyday for years and it really changed my life. I also made my own notebook where I keep my dreams. It also helped me to make my own stationery business. I write affirmations and dreams in my notebook. 

Reminder to ❤️ always be yourself & love yourself 🧡

3. Random world

I can't explain but sometimes it just happens truly randomly.
When i'm almost sleeping or right before i go to sleep. like suddenly when I am driving. I have this picture where I really want to draw... and it's not like a set of complete picture but it's just like halfway there.
From God
Some people say it comes from god. I don't know if it does, but i just know that it's really random. Sometimes there are like really big ideas that I have to just make it and that is I think is a gift from god.

Opening up

At the end, it comes to being open and appreciating small moments in your life, and taking care of yourself.

Haejin Park is an award winning illustrator living in USA. She sells stationery and art prints on haejinduck. @haejinduck

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