My minimal illustration studio

Hello here is a tour of my studio ~

I have a pretty minimal studio...! 

I moved out of NY and had to move across the country, so I sold and donated a looooot of my stuff. 😢 
Because I am always creating something... aka physical artwork, I have boxes of my original artwork. They are all hiding under my bed in new york and now nicely organized in my storage.
I used to have my studio very cluttered and covered my wall with my own work. And as i grow older? I started feeling stressed out when I look at my clutter. 
This new studio I wanted to have minimal but little different. I wanted cozy, wood theme pieces with nice lamps. And I wanted to buy furniture that is not from IKEA. 🌝 
✹ Studio
Sennelier watercolor paint:
Mijello watercolor palette:
Princeton brush:
Arches Watercolor Paper:
Watercolor dr ph martins:
Sketchbook for mixed media:
Strathmore Sketchbook for drawing:
✹ From my shop
✹ Printing Printer:
Art print papers:
✹ Furniture
Phoebe Wahl Mug:
Others are thrifted from a local store!
✹ Art Yellow rock: Misaki Kawaii
Couple commission art by Esme Shapiro
BW Photo by Judy Kim
✹ Books
The Circus by Brian Wildsmith
Refrain Refrain by Arai Ryoji
The Artists way:
Self Compassion Workbook:


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About Me

Haejin Park is an award winning illustrator living in USA. She sells stationery and art prints on haejinduck. @haejinduck 


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