My absolute favorite watercolor supplies!

I have been painting with watercolor for over 20! ūü§Į which is very crazy and a long time. I was very lucky to find the best art teacher when I was 5 years old. My mom sent me to a local artist to learn watercolor and she taught me everything that I still use now. It is a true blessing that I get to experiment and expand with watercolor. Anyways! here is my favorite watercolor brand as of 2021.¬†

Arches Watercolor Paper


Paper is the most important material you should invest as soon as you can. I found Arches paper when I was in highschool and fell in looooove with the quality. I use cold press which retains the transparent quality of watercolor. The grain and texture, the tooth of the paper, is light yet it makes it easy to make fine details. I adore Arches watercolor paper!
Buy Arches Watercolor Paper Pads -

Paint and Palette

For watercolor paint, I use sennelier and I am SO HAPPY with the quality and the thickness of the paint. This honey-based luxury watercolor make great consistency and QUALITY to your work. I usually buy individual paint tubes and my palette is custom selection of these paints.
My palette is this brand called Mijello, I found on Amazon. I later found out it is made in Korea and made me like it more as it reminds my home :). I noticed that it has been storing my paint moist and last longer. I also make sure I keep the lid down when I am not painting to store my paint in shade.
Sennelier Watercolor Paint - 
Mijello Watercolor Palette -

Princeton Watercolor Brush

I never thought watercolor brush would be that important, but it REALLY IS SO IMPORTANT! Sometimes you will notice with the bad brushes.. they fall apart and make dry dines. Even sometimes the brush hair fall out and make your painting messy. Princeton watercolor brush have fine points and tapered edges, which allows precise details.
Princeton Watercolor Brush -

Studio Tour

Watch my¬†studio tour where I share¬†my work place and materials ūüėá

You don't need all these expensive materials to start watercolor. I change my mediums every 4~6 years to experiment. I started with student grade watercolor through my art college in RISD. All the materials I found after art school. I have been experimenting and learning as I become professional illustrator and artist. I am thinking of upgrading them or making my own paint with pigments in the future ūüėä


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