Making clay charms and friends

Making little friends made of air-dry clay ❤️

Starting with a simple shape
When I make these sculptures, I don't have a clear image or a plan. You start from nothing and it becomes something in as a surprise. And in an unexpected forms! I love this clay I use called stone clay. They are light weight and super delicate. The description says it is a natural stone clay for intricate and ultra-fine detail work.

A lot of my work are watercolor paintings. I like making little sculptures and clay friends once in a while. I like seeing my work transform from 2d to 3d objects.
And they are usually in a form of abstract shapes and curious characters.
Also, one thing about me is that I can't make the same thing or same design over and over. I don't know why but I am just designed that way. I like having each little thing its own story and characters.
Even though these are super small objects, I like giving them some life.
I like feeling like I am creating something new all the time.
Now that these abstract white things are complete it is time to color

Coloring air dry clay

I see the true shapes and designs by applying colors. I always feel like I have emotional super power when using colors. I think colors and shapes give such a strong story. They give more characters and provide emotions to these guys.
I am not trying to make these anyway perfect. It is just fun to make little things like this. They don't need to be anything serious. They are just happy as the little sculptures.

Finishing up with glaze and thread

Now with glazing, there are many options you can do. I personally find resin challenging and smelly. I know that is the standard thing to do. I tried it before it just is not my thing.. instead, I use this triple thick gloss as my option. And it has been working pretty great in my opinion.
These air dry clay is actually very light and lasts pretty long. I have made hundreds of these and they are very strong and sturdy.
After the second or third coating of the glaze. I waited about 2 days until it is completely dried. And I used beads and threads bunch of other decorative things to add details. I made them into necklaces and few sculptures. Which you can also still buy some from my shop.
Watch me make this in a video :)
Materials in this video

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I really like making them and I used to sell them at many art book and craft fairs. It is a lot of work and I used to underprice them :( I started to move on from making hand made things to art prints and stationery. I still have few of these left and you can check them out under a jewelry section in my shop.

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