Bridge's World [DONATION PRINT] - haejinduck
Bridge's World [DONATION PRINT] - haejinduck
Bridge's World [DONATION PRINT] - haejinduck

Bridge Donation Print

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WELCOME TO BRIDGE'S WORLD, a world without police and jails. 
Please read more on my blog and description below. 
100% of the sales will go to the following organization who is already making changes and actions. I am adding why to donate to these organizations.
  • Size: 13x 19 (BIG PRINT)
  • Inkjet-printed on textured matte fine art paper
  • 100% Cotton fiber, acid-free, lignin-free paper
  • Signed on back
  • $50 to buy.
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About Bridge's World

We decided to break the walls of jails and police stations and kept them as the form of bridges. We also colored the grey walls to erase them completely. We are building fun-shaped buildings because the form of squares and rectangles reminds of us those cages. At Bridge's world, we have so much money left to invest in our community.

We have schools that are diverse and responsible for educating every single child and will not suspend them. Students will grow up with lots of resources including mandatory book reading of race, justice, and love. The library is filled with authors from everywhere in the world and students can easily recognize themselves. Of course, tuition is free.

We all have a home. Everyone has a shelter to be inside. There are a lot of housing buildings and neighbors are not divided by race. Anyone can buy a house! There are so many to choose from. Homeless people can easily find housing where they can shelter. The shelter provides food, job training, and connection.

 Anyone who is sick can and should go to the hospital. There are so many hospitals you can choose from and they accept every patient. Signing up for health care is really easy. Every newborn child of Bridge's World Citizen actually just get the insurance as a right to live healthily. Mental health and therapy center is easy and affordable to find. They will match you with the therapist you associate with, and form group sessions. 

Public art and park. We can find them everywhere and they are lush and beautiful and help us to get inspired and take a break. The community center is very active and providing additional education and fun family activities. 

This is a future building that we don't know yet. But we thought it was important to after building necessary buildings. This brings love and peace. what can this be? 

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