Gift Card is here~!

Haejin Park new product!

Now you can purchase a gift card for your special person <3 This is Shopify's new feature where you can buy gift cards from the shop, prices ranging $20, $50, and $100! I am so excited to add this to my shop and can't wait to make more product for you and your friends :)

Since I have a lot of time now I started blogging on my shop, thinking about new products and updating you guys with more details and more product shots. I want to use my blog space to dream about my future offline shop and plan new products. Please comment on what you think or what I can do better!
Here are a few goals I want to achieve during this quarantine time and upgrade my shop for you and me!
  1. Free coloring page pdf
  2. Original artwork sales and commission
  3. Make more crazy earrings 
  4. More original sculptures
  5. Upload more prints to sell
  6. Get better at shipping and packaging
  7. Print out coupons and more thank you notes
  8. Send out email newsletters
  9. Do more videos on how I ship my orders and how I made each product.
  10. Donating part of the sale to children in need

Making the list makes me feel good and dream again! Let me know what you think about this too.

Thank you for shopping and visiting! 




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