Yay! FREE Coloring Page

Haejin Park

I finally started drawing again. I never thought I was good at drawing (in pencil or pen) and one day I just stopped drawing. I kept my material very limited to just watercolor and only used pencils for writing lol! Anyways, thanks to quarantine, I started to draw again and it is a very wonderful and calm activity! I wanted to share something free with you guys so I made these free 3 coloring pages <3

You can download it here They cost $0 and it will give you a downloadable link at the checkout and to your email. Some examples of the pages~

Here are the rules for coloring pages~

  • Please use it for the personal project only! 
  • Start with your least favorite color
  • Use more than 20 colors total
  • Use any mediums!

I hope you like the coloring pages and share with me <3 Can't wait to see!


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