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Haejin Park

I launched my first online class with Nerdabe. Nerdabe is a new online platform where you can sign up and learn new skills! When they approached me I really wanted to teach how to write personal story and make them into a book format.
Zine making has been an important process of my career. I have been always documenting my life in a format of the zine and enjoyed sharing with people. I am very excited to be sharing this passion. 
Storytelling was something I always wanted to do. This class covers technical and graphic design part of zines, but will also talk about how I started my career in this field and eventually got published with many small publishers.
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So...What is zine?

A zine is a book printed in a limited edition by an artist. It is often self-published or published by a small press. zines usually consist of words and images.
Zine, in my definition, has always been a personal book that is open and safe to share with others. My first interaction with zines were freshly out of school. I found that my favorite artists were publishing and sharing their stories that are very personal and I related to this idea so I started making them.
My zines topics range from my diaries, my personal thoughts on random things I get obsessed about, my artistic practice, my trauma, my religion, my illness, or loss. Whatever the story that you want to share it can be written and published.
Sign up for my online zine-making class and start making your own special book!
This class covers a whole production of zines with the resources you need. I am so excited to see what you make!
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